Escort service in Israel

Similar service is widespread in the country. Such work is considered to be prestigious and highly paid. Under the contract, escort in Israel assume only maintenance. However ntim can also be allowed only if there is a mutual consent between the client and the girl.

Услуги эскорта в Израиле

Who needs an escort?

The main contingent of clients – businessmen. They often need the companion for maintenance at a business meeting. Not just beautiful girls, but clever and educated women, which are capable to fascinate business partners and to support a conversation on different subjects, are generally necessary. However there is a certain demand for silly girls of doll appearance from whom it is required to smile and nod only.

From time to time escort services in Israel are required for lonely men. In the absence of the constant partner they want a charming girl from the agency to keep him the company.

Also the men wishing to receive intim after the end of a banquet or a business meeting can address to the agencies. To agree to the offer or to refuse in sex is the business of the girl, but this work is paid separately.

Absolutely young people, the so-called gilded youth from wealthy families also occur among clients. But services of an escort in Israel are allowed for the persons which have already reached 18 years. It also concerns girls. To acquire the right for work, it is necessary to be full age.

One more contingent of the agencies – women. However, they address for such service much less often than men. And some customers for a campaign on actions demand not men’s, but women’s maintenance!

Escort – is the veiled prostitution?

Many consider services of an escort to be the veiled prostitution. Yes, under the contract girls only have to accompany the client on secular actions, be present at business meetings, travel around the country and out of borders of the state. They assure that their services exclude intimate relations. However practice shows that sex is present at many cases. Services of an escort are ordered to suppress the prostitution facts.

It turns out that the client pays for maintenance service, but not for proximity with the girl. I.e., under the agreement, the paid complex of services is provided to the client:

  • Maintenance at conferences and secular receptions;
  • Carrying out leisure: a joint campaign in a restaurant/theatre/picnic;
  • Participation in business negotiations.

If the girl knows several foreign languages, she can perform functions of the translator, fly with the customer to other countries with the tourist purpose (all payment in this case lies on the client’s shoulders).

And intimate continuation is a mutual desire of both parties. The system is cunning, even at the legislative level it is difficult to approach it. In no one country escort of people on business meetings / banquets, on travel and sex at the request of both participants isn’t forbidden.

Who can provide services of an escort?

To work in an escort, the attractive appearance is required and:

  • Lack of defects of the speech (congenital, acquired), diseases, problems with hair and skin, excess weight;
  • Growth in the range of 170-180 cm. There can also be exceptions;
  • Well-groomed look: manicure, accurate hairstyle, white teeth, fashionable clothes, etc.

It is necessary to have:

  • The higher education;
  • High level of self-education;
  • Literacy;
  • Broad outlook;
  • Erudition;
  • Ability to keep up the conversation on many subjects;
  • Such qualities as punctuality and compliance, friendliness, coquetry and manner;
  • Ability to attract interest in a conversation and to flirt unostentatiously.

What does a girl need to begin with?

If you have decided to provide services of an escort in Israel, then address to the agencies having excellent reputation. You can address us. Up to 01/01/2019 you have a right to leave the free questionnaire. If your data suit us, our representative will connect with you and will discuss the forthcoming work.

Prior to work in the agency we recommend you:

  • To take an interest in security guarantees;
  • To specify the amount of payment;
  • To be convinced that you are able to fit into an environment. As services of an escort means communication with people, you have to feel comfortably in the presence of the staff of the agency and in communication with customers.

Work with the agencies has the following advantages:

  • Work in team;
  • The identity of the customer at the beginning is considered and only then a green light to work with him is given;
  • The girl gets rid of formation of demand for services;
  • Others, more skilled, girls can give to you a valuable advice.

However there are also minuses:

  • A part of your salary will be taken by the agency;
  • It is necessary to work in inconvenient days. Of course, it is possible to refuse, but frequent refusals can lead to undesirable consequences. For example, the agency will refuse to work with you;
  • It is necessary to submit to rules, established by your chief.

Write in comments whether you used maintenance or whether showed services of an escort in Israel. It would be interesting to compare these services with similar work in Russia and other countries. Where it is safer, more favorable and more demand for such work.

Thanks to all responded!


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