Highly paid work for girls in Israel

It is rather difficult for citizens to earn worthy reward for their work in the countries with badly developed economy. Almost all states entering the CIS treat those. Therefore many people prefer to go to more developed countries in order to earn money if they are given such opportunity. Israel is one of such developed countries. There live many immigrants from the former USSR today.

Highly paid work for girls in Israel

We will tell what highly paid work for girls is available in Israel. It is about an escort. It is an optimal variant of earnings for attractive and ambitious women.

  • Beautiful girls on different actions mean the escort as maintenance of:
  • Successful business people;
  • Show business stars;
  • High-ranking officials and so forth.

Business negotiations and thematic celebrations, closed parties and business meetings are held in the country often in an informal situation. Therefore such highly paid work for girls in Israel is in incredibly great demand.

Advantages of work

Safe work has the worthy level of payment and many advantages. You can:

  • Travel without big expenses. Usually expenses lay down on shoulders of the special companies. They provide the apartment to all girls to make them fill comfortable and master elements of escort work quickly. It is allowed even to combine work with study. We will add fine climate and warm sea here that allows to enjoy work;
  • Work a little period of time. For example, 2-3 weeks. After having earned the decent sum (in a month it is possible to receive $12000 and more), you can provide yourself for several months ahead. Practice shows that a girl can receive the royalties equal to monthly earnings of average office worker just for one working day. Moreover, rich clients often give expensive presents;
  • Disclose your talents and climb a career ladder. To work in an escort, it is necessary to know English, to be able to support a conversation on different subjects and fascinate itself people around. Leaving to Israel as an escort, the girl can find full-time employment (there are many model agencies) in the country, to make family and to begin new life;
  • Choose with whom to work. There is no coercion; the girl can work in a quiet situation;
  • Get acquainted with useful people and strike up interesting acquaintances;
  • Enjoy support of the agency. It will be engaged in all nuances of escort work.

Who can work in an escort?

Candidates for work in an escort have to conform to some requirements:

  • Attractive appearance;
  • Ability to communicate with different people and on various subjects;
  • Good erudition. Knowledge in different spheres beginning from a social life and finishing architecture is required;
  • Good breeding;
  • Knowledge of etiquette in different situations. One guest can go to an art exhibition, and another – to restaurant;
  • Knowledge of several languages (English is obligatory);
  • Age — of 18 years;
  • Existence of the visa.

If the girl works well and fulfill all requirements, she will prove from the best side and will be permanently invited to Israel as an escort.

Now we say some words about confidentiality and safety of work. All aspects are specified in the agreement. The contract is signed prior to work. The database does not get to the general access therefore complete confidentiality is guaranteed to all girls.

Elite escort

There is also a separate category of girls who belong to VIP escort. They have dazzling appearance and also serious education. Only oligarchs and/or large businessmen are able to afford such escort.

Characteristic features of such girls are:

  • Existence of several higher educations;
  • Knowledge of several languages;
  • Proficiency to etiquette;
  • Ability to avoid conflict situations;
  • Knowledge in the sphere of psychology of communication;
  • Ability to write verses / to play musical instruments;
  • Knowledge in art;
  • Positive reputation;
  • Wearing the clothes from expensive boutiques.

Therefore it is possible to say that an escort is the powerful tool at negotiation. The beautiful and clever girl, having created the necessary psychological atmosphere, is able to soften stands of the interlocutor (the partner, the supplier, the buyer) and to help to achieve the necessary result during transaction.

An escort service is prestigious and highly paid work for girls in Israel.

Features of an escort

There is a high level of culture in Israel. In this countr representatives of Eastern Europe are treated without any prejudices and there are also no prejudices connected with an escort. Therefore warm welcome is guaranteed to girls.

In most cases, they should work in these regions:

  1. Tel Aviv;
  2. Jerusalem;
  3. Caesarea;
  4. Savyon;
  5. Herzliya.

Here the escort means the girl’s environment by luxury and comfort in working time. Shopping is too favorable here. The tax-free system allows to return up to 15% of purchases at return home. The VAT comes back to each foreigner. I.e., not only work, but also shopping will be favorable in Israel.

As for payment, a quotation on services is quite high because the escort is a destiny of wealthy clients. Level of payment can reach 650$/hour, and the most part of the sum goes to the escort girl.

At the end we will note that any girl can add free of charge questionnaire on our website to 01/01/2019 and also receive answers to the questions concerning work in an escort.


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