Hire a doxy in Israel

The favorable climate, the developed infrastructure, washing by four seas and numerous sights attract many tourists to Israel. They arrive in the country during any season. Guests of this small state can spend their time on diving and spearfishing, sunbathe on city beaches, swim in amazingly clear water, visit numerous sights in the country, do shopping in large shopping centers, make business appointments to the partners (Israel is often chosen for such actions), etc.

Hire a doxy in Israel

In those places, where there is a big flow of tourists and guests, also a great plenty of prostitutes is observed. Of course, Israel is not Thailand, but sex industry/tourism is also strongly developed here. It is enough to tell that this sphere generates about 500 millions of American dollars annually. There are more than 400 brothels in the country and over 20 thousand oncall girls work there!

Naturally, there is a quite reasonable question: how to hire a doxy in Israel and where?

Internet is an optimal variant in a century of development of Internet technologies . Being in the different cities of the country and having any device, connected to the Internet, at hand it is possible to rent a prostitute in Israel quickly and easy. And in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Eilat there is a service “sex oncall”. If you do not like modern methods of search for prostitutes and you want to use the classical scheme, we will tell in what districts of the Israeli cities it is possible to get acquainted with women of easy virtue quickly.

Places for acquaintances

Tel Aviv

If Jerusalem is the capital of the country, then Tel Aviv performs similar functions in the sphere of sex industry. Nearly 80% of women of easy virtue and brothels are in this city. Announcements of granting intim services roll, in a literal sense, under legs of citizens.

The cheapest prostitutes work at Ar-Tsion, Lewinski street and around bus station, Takhana-merkazit. Neve Shaanan is considered to be the place of dislocation of street prostitutes.

Better services can be received in brothels of Tel Aviv and massage salons. They are situated everywhere, practically, in each area of the city. There are about 50 such institutions within 10 km from the beach, from Amasger St. to Ben-Iyeguda and Allenbi.

There are also women of easy virtue, receiving clients on their apartments. It is necessary to call by phone previously if it is, or to learn the number from the Internet. After the preliminary arrangement, the appointment is made.

Oncall girls are considered as elite of sex industry in Tel Aviv. Only rich men can hire them. At last, there is a strip clubs when the striptease is organized for clients.


In the south of the country prostitutes have chosen the city of Eilat. It is often called sea Jerusalem or the Israeli Amsterdam. The main tourist’s center of the country is considered as paradise on the Promised Land, flowing honey and milk. And where paradise is there women of easy virtue are.

It is possible to get acquainted with street girls in numerous bars and to agree about the cost of services. There is a unique massage salon in the city. It is located in the building of the Central station. Offices have no doors here therefore it is possible to watch sexual massage. One more original institution is the strip club “Nymhas” located under water. It is about Meridian hotel. After viewing of striptease it is possible even to fish.


The center of sex industry in the north of Israel is Haifa. Guests and residents of this city go to the Gunn Ha-zikaron park in order to rent a whore without any problems. It is located in the Region of Adar ha-Carmel. It is the center of Haifa. Only one crosswalk, and you appear at the building of local municipality.

Age of prostitutes here is up to 26 years. Plastic chairs, pieces of cardboards/boards will be «a box of love». It is possible to agree about a meeting in advance, through dating sites and social networks .

In search for whores we recommend to walk on:

  • Nordau;
  • Gertsel;
  • A-Halutz.

We also advise to visit the Check post and Motskin-City.


At the end we will note that brothels and massage salons are available in any Israeli city. An optimal variant for search of whores – the specialized websites. If you are at odds with the computer, it is possible to read advertizing brochures / magazines or to take an interest in addresses of haunts of vice at local taxi drivers.

Our website also helps doxies. They can leave the free of charge questionnaire to 01/01/2019, having specified their age, cost and types of service, having reported physical data and quantity of languages for communication with the client.

If you have any questions, set them in comments. Perhaps,  do you know different pleasure institutions that you have visited, but information about them in Internet is absent? Or was any original intim service have been rendered to you in some Israeli city?

Write everything that you know about sex industry in Israel in comments. Share your experience with other people who are going to stay for a while in this country. Who knows, maybe, your advice will be useful for them.


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