Individuals in Israel

Men who regularly use or going to use the services of prostitutes in Israel, should know that there are certain categories among the priestesses of love. There is a certain rank of nocturnal butterflies. Depending on it, the cost and quality of the provided services is increased / lowered.

Individuals in Israel

We will analyze the rank of sex workers from the bottom up:

  • Street prostitutes. As a rule, they stand outside in a certain area and wait for clients. A man can be served in a car, an hourly hotel or a whore’s house. The work of the girls is controlled by the mother / pimp;
  • Women from the brothel. These girls also work under the strict guidance of the mother / pimp, but not in the street, but inside the shebang. Often brothels are called massage parlors. If earlier their services were advertised through newspapers, in the age of Internet development newspapers replaced sites;
  • Individuals in Israel. Prostitutes prefer to work individually, at home or in a rented apartment. That’s why such a name. Mother / pimp does not control their work;
  • Women on call. These night butterflies can work independently or under the patronage of the mother / pimp. Such services in Israel are available only in two Israeli cities, Tel Aviv and Eilat. Girls are invited to hotels, a sauna, an apartment. The client pays the cost of a taxi in both directions;
  • Escorts are the most elite whores. They are incredibly beautiful and educated. Among them there are many graduates of universities, they can know several languages and have a wide purview, so they can support the conversation on different topics. Therefore, lovely ladies can provide services not only in bed (payment is separate), but also to accompany the customer to business meetings, parties, social events, etc. It is difficult to get into this category. External data alone is not enough. But the payment will be appropriate.

Is it possible to work as an individual immediately?

Theoretically, it is possible, but in practice, it is unlikely. The first time will have to work, if not on the street, then in massage parlors. After gaining some experience and getting regular customers, you can go on your own work.

Individuals in Israel have the advantage of leaving all their income to themselves. The disadvantage is the lack of protection. If a client of such a prostitute is a maniac or pervert, you will not envy her. Therefore, they must carefully choose men, except for regular customers.

Having refused from the pimp, you can be under the tutelage of a patron who has a certain “power”. He can act as a trustee, assuming:

  • Financing the prostitute;
  • Dating with suitable and wealthy customers;
  • Solving problems with the law, if they arise.

Naturally, for this all the sex services to the patron will be free of charge or at reduced rates.

If you decided to work as an individual in Israel, contact us. You can leave the questionnaire free of charge until the end of 2018. We will examine your application, and if your data will suit us, we will contact you.

How to recognize an individual?

A person, who has little experience in intimate affairs, is able to quickly distinguish an individual from a street prostitute. She has:

  • Higher prices, a wide range of services, a pleasant appearance;
  • They have high-quality photographs In the portfolio;
  • Expensive cosmetics;
  • High intellectual level, allowing to accompany the client to different events.

Practice shows that an individual in Israel are popular with middle-income / high-income clients. Prices will be higher than prostitutes on the street or in massage parlors, but the level of services provided will be much higher. Consequently, a person will have a more pleasant impression of intimacy. Thus, the cost of the service is fully justified. Good sex with a beautiful sediment on the soul, which for a long time does not pass, is worth his money. An individual can guarantee the appropriate attitude and an excellent evening for the client.

Who buys sex?

There are two classes of men who pay for sex services. Representatives of the first class consider a prostitute a “socially dead” woman. For them, putan is a soulless commodity, disenfranchised and powerless. And they revel in it.

The second class of men is pragmatic and romantic. When difficulties arise with “normal” women (wives, girlfriends), they begin to visit one individual they like, talk with her a lot and make gifts, in addition to payment. They see in the prostitute a person who satisfies not only the needs for sex, but also the need for intimacy. Ie, an individual can give a man:

  • The illusion of emotional involvement, quite convincing;
  • Psychological stability;
  • Empathy (the ability to understand the state of a person and the situation in which he is).

Now you are aware of who are individuals in Israel. Write in the comments if you met with them or worked in this capacity. Visitors of our site will be interested to know the “inner kitchen”, to get first-hand information.


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