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If you are attractive, young and have a wish to ensure worthy life, we recommend you to offer the services in maintenance in Israel. Work in this sphere will allow girls to improve a financial position and to get useful experience. An escort maintenance is a fine opportunity for interesting meetings, unforgettable travel, receiving generous gifts and worthy payment.

Услуги по сопровождению Израиль

This kind of activity doesn’t assume complex work and routine work on the schedule. Risks are minimum, they are practically absent. Clients, for whom services in maintenance are required, appreciate work of a fine half of mankind and adequately pay it. All that is required from girls – the client’s escort on different actions and support of a conversation on various subjects.

It is the main objective of the girl.

What is the difference between escort and hustlers?

Many people for some reason take girls from an escort for prostitution. It’s not true. They are the same service personnel, as well as secretaries, house cleaners who also provide help to the client. However services in maintenance in all countries, and Israel not an exception, have to be provided in beautiful appearance and at some enterprise.

I.e., girls from an escort earn thanks to appeal and beauty. Intim leisure isn’t included into the list of services. Of course, they can sleep with the client, offer him sex service if there is a preliminary agreement or during the action there will be mutual desire. However we repeat, that their main task, and it is specified in the contract which is signed by the girl, is maintenance on an action.

Services in maintenance are highly demanded in Israel. If a wealthy man is lonely and he doesn’t want to look for the girlfriend on an evening action, he addresses in an escort agency and chooses the beauty he likes. It provides not just the women, but elite and educated girls. It won’t be a shame to any customer and it is pleasant to be published with the clever and well-groomed women having model appearance.

Preparation for work

So, we have understood that services in escort Israel can provide a worthy way of life to a girl. However this kind of activity, as well as any other, has own specifics. Before the choice of this work it is necessary to consider a number of nuances. The heaviest stage – initial. Here the girl will need a certain preparation. It can be:

  • Paperwork;
  • Language training;
  • Rules of etiquette and so forth.

We will sort as girls need to be prepared for highly paid work.


If models from Eastern Europe want to offer services in maintenance, the visa won’t be required. Israel with the CIS countries has a visa-free regime. For entrance on “promised land” existence of not expired international passport will be enough. If it isn’t delayed yet, but time comes to an end, the question should be settled in migration service in order to cooperate with the chosen agency without hindrances. Also it is necessary to be convinced that there are no restrictions for departure from the country.

Language skills

The more languages the girl know, the better. The minimum requirement – knowledge of English. However nobody demands to be down on to languages. But this factor will influence payment. It is necessary to support a conversation on actions, and the more a lexicon of the girl, the easier for her to carry out an objective. If she executes her mission good, it is possible to count on a generous tip and the subsequent business meetings and trips invitations.

Therefore it is recommended for all girls planning work in Israel to increase level of proficiency in languages constantly. Here it should be noted that, working in an escort and practicing, it becomes gradually easier for girls communicate in foreign languages and follow rules of etiquette. It means that the girl feels more confidently in secular society.

Appearance and portfolio

It won’t be a secret if we tell that for service in maintenance the attractive and educated girls having and keeping good physical shape are required. They have to care for appearance constantly and to be ready at once and during any instant to go to a trip. In the presence of the required natural data the wage level during the work as an escort will allow girls to maintain attractive appearance without problems.

Also the portfolio won’t prevent. It will increase chances of the applicant for work of employment. It is recommended to show the extensive portfolio containing high-quality portfolio to the utmost and close up in the agencies. It is desirable to supplement it with a small summary, having listed in it such skills:

  • Language skills;
  • Experience;
  • Personal qualities.

As you can see, there is no special work for preparation for work in Israel. If you completely conform the requirements given above, you can fill out the free questionnaire on our resource, having put your portfolio to it. This action will be prolonged to 01/01/2019.

If you suit us, our representative will contact you and will specify nuances of the subsequent work in Israel.


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