Services in escort Israel

If you are attractive, young and want to secure a decent life, we recommend that you offer their services in support of the country of Israel. Work in this area will allow girls to improve their financial situation and gain interesting experience. Escort support is a great opportunity for interesting meetings, unforgettable trips, receiving generous gifts and decent payment.

Services in escort Israel

This type of activity does not involve complex work and routine work on schedule. The risks are minimal, they are practically absent. Customers who require support services appreciate the work of the beautiful half of humanity and adequately pay for it. All that is required from the girls – escort client for different events and support conversations on various topics.

This is the main task of the girl.

What is the difference from prostitutes?

Many people for some reason accept girls from an escort for prostitutes. That’s not so. They are the same service staff as secretaries, maids who also provide assistance to the client. However, escort services in all countries, and Israel is no exception, should be provided in a beautiful appearance and in some enterprise.

I. e., girls from an escort earn thanks to attractiveness and beauty. Sex leisure is not included in the list of services. Of course, they can sleep with the client, offer him and sex services, if there is a preliminary agreement or during the event there is a mutual desire. However we repeat, their main task, and it is specified in the contract which is signed by the girl, maintenance on action.

Support services are in demand in Israel. If a wealthy man is alone and does not want to look for a girlfriend for an evening event, he turns to an escort Agency and chooses a beauty. The client is provided not just a woman, but elite and educated girls. With smart and well-groomed representatives of the fair sex, having model appearance, any customer will not be ashamed and pleased to go out.

Preparation for work

So, we realized that escort services in Israel can provide girls with a decent lifestyle. However, this kind of activity, like any other, has its own specifics. Before choosing this work should take into account a number of nuances. The most difficult stage is the initial one. Here the girl will need some preparation. It could be:

  • Registration of papers;
  • Language training;
  • Rules of etiquette, etc.

We will analyze how to prepare girls for high-paying jobs.


If you want to offer support services to models from Eastern Europe, a visa is not required. Israel has a visa-free regime with the CIS countries. To enter the “promised land” is enough to have not expired passport. If it is not yet overdue, but the time is running out, the issue must be resolved in the migration service to cooperate without hindrance with the selected Agency. You should also make sure that there are no restrictions on leaving the country.

Knowledge of languages

The more languages knows a girl, the better. Minimum requirement – knowledge of English. However, no one needs to know the languages thoroughly. But this factor will affect the payment. After all, you need to maintain a conversation at events, and the more vocabulary girls, the easier it will be to perform the task. If you perform your mission well, you can count on a generous tip and subsequent invitations to business meetings and trips.

Therefore, it is recommended that all girls who plan to work in Israel, constantly improve their language skills. It is worth noting that, working as an escort and practicing, girls are gradually becoming easier to communicate in foreign languages and observe the rules of etiquette. This means that the girl will feel more confident in secular society.

External data and portfolio

It will not be a secret if we say that for the support services are required attractive and educated girls who have and maintain good physical shape. They must constantly take care of the appearance and be ready immediately and at any moment to go on a trip. In the presence of the required natural data, the level of wages when working as an escort, will allow girls to easily maintain an attractive appearance.

I could use a portfolio. It will increase the chances of job seekers for employment. It is recommended to present to the Agency an extensive portfolio containing high-quality photos in full growth and close-up. It is desirable to Supplement it with a small resume, listing the skills in it:

  • Knowledge of languages;
  • Experience;
  • Personal quality.

As you can see, there is no special work to prepare for work in Israel. If you fully meet the requirements listed above, you can fill out a free questionnaire on our website, attaching it to your portfolio. This promotion will last until 01/01/2019.

If you are suitable for us, our representative will contact you and clarify the nuances of further work in Israel.


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