Sex service in Israel

Any tourist who has visited Israel will say that in country there are a lot of massage parlors and an abundance of sex shops, and pornographic websites are advertised on lampposts. Conclusion of the guests can turn out unequivocal: this country is a sexually anxious place of the planet, here is a feast of lust and flesh.

Sex service in Israel

And they will not far away from the truth. Israel is a country with a developed sex industry. She willingly imports this product and also actively exports it. The center of the sex industry is Tel Aviv. Here there are cerebral places everywhere.

  • Near the bus station;
  • On the shopping Allenby street;
  • At the respectable Dizengoff, etc.

Types of sex

Let’s see what offers sex-service in Israel. There are a lot of species:

  • Vaginal. This is classic sex, when the penis penetrates the vagina. Such intim is familiar, pleasant and considered safe;
  • Oral. It is divided into 3 subspecies. Cunnilingus, when a man excites a partner language, caressing her labia. Lingual sex, when partners are satisfied with language work. Blowjob – a woman caresses male member tongue and lips. Oral sex is not considered safe. Through the tongue you can get inflammation of the intimate zone;
  • Anal. The penis is inserted into the anus of the partner. Type of sex is used for same-sex / unisexual intercourse. He is the most dangerous for partners. It is possible to inflame the penis and intestines, infect and / or get an tear of the sphinker;
  • Extreme. This type of sex allows partners to receive extraordinary emotions and greatly excites them. Intimacy is assumed in extreme places and poses: in the park, on the roof of the house, in a restaurant, etc. But frightened, you can damage the body and / or hurt, if sex is carried out in a dangerous place. Not to mention imprisonment. You can get a period of up to 1 year;
  • Mammological. The member of partner is located between the female breasts and moves upwards. It can be a prelude to subsequent oral caresses;
  • Gluteal. Male member, located between the buttocks of a woman, is constantly moving. Prelude to in-depth sex;
  • Intrafemoral. The penis moves in the crotch of the woman, without going into the vagina and anus. Passionate and hard movements excite both partners perfectly;
  • Iring. The partner leads the member by ear / behind the partner’s ears. There is a preparation for tougher sex;
  • Fisting. Implies the introduction of the fingers / fist in the vagina / anal opening. When double fisting, two hands are simultaneously inserted into two holes;
  • Rimming. With the help of the language, the anus is stimulated. The anal opening is an a sensitive part of the body, so partners can get very excited;
  • Group. In intim relations are entering more than 2 people;
  • Swinging. It involves the participation of several couples and the exchange of partners in sex;
  • BDSM or psychological sex. This is a role-playing game, when one partner has power over another. One lord / mistress, another slave / slave. When applying hard physical actions are often used handcuffs, gags, laces, etc.

All types of services are indicated in the questionnaire of prostitutes, who can until 01/01/2019. submit a free application for work in Israel.

Where can have sex?

The service of sex in Israel involves employment
in different places. Can be used:

  • To the Sauna. There are rest rooms, steam room, swimming pool. Therefore can easily find a suitable place and make your fantasies come true;
  • Shower cubicle. Take the grease and arrange romance in warm and pleasant water;
  • Beach. In Israel clean beaches. You can swim at night in the sea and have romantic sex right on the beach;
  • A boat. If it is available, is allowed intim in the boat. This is a good gift to the fisherman;
  • Forest. Having made an excursion into the forest, you can have sex here, if there are no mosquitoes;
  • Tent. Can do even better by taking a tent with myself. Then in the woods can have sex at any time of the day;
  • Breakage. A beautiful place for intimate relationships for romantics;
  • A cafe. If there is a party in this institution, you can go to the toilet and have sex under the influence of alcohol;
  • Shopping center. In any store there are dressing rooms. Closed cabs are quite suitable for extreme sex;
  • A train. A beautiful place for sex – CB, coupe. At the worst, a toilet;
  • Car. If there is much impatience or there is nowhere to go, the car salon will also come down;
  • Aircraft. Here, too, there is a toilet. But you can hide with blankets and caress each other;
  • Roof of the house. Another option for romantics. Sex on the open roof and without mosquitoes;
  • Balcony / loggia. An excellent option for intima, if the house is hot;
  • Window sill. Here can conveniently station oneself and take different poses.

It would be interesting to read, in what other places you had sex and what other types of intimate relationships you can offer readers of our sites. Write about your experience in the comments.


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