Tel Aviv prostitutes phone numbers

Many people believe that girls who provide escort services are no different from street prostitutes. They are of the opinion that escort girls and street prostitutes are almost the same. The only exception is that the services provided by escort girls are more expensive than those provided by street prostitutes. In fact, escort girls are part of an adult entertainment program. They provide services for professional support of clients with the subsequent provision of professional sexual pleasures. As a result, escort girls offer a higher level of service than ordinary street prostitutes.

Tel Aviv prostitutes phone numbers

What does the list of responsibilities of escort girls include?

An escort girl is a young woman for the entertainment of clients, working independently or as an employee of an agency. The composition of the entertainment program depends on the wishes and preferences of the client. He can simply enjoy the city’s nightlife, go on a casual date, dine in a fine expensive restaurant or fulfill his sexual fantasies with a Tel Aviv escort girl.

Schedule of escort women depends on the requirements of each client. Most often they go to work late in the evening. It is not uncommon that they are required during the daytime to accompany a client to a business conference or a celebratory dinner. Sometimes escort girls serve two clients throughout the working day. Undoubtedly, the cost of services provided by such girls is significantly higher than that of ordinary prostitutes in Tel Aviv, whose phone numbers can be found even on the street.

The appearance of an escort girl is an integral part of her work. To look always neat and beautiful is her direct responsibility. In the mornings, in their free time, such girls are obliged to go to the gym, where they perform complex physical exercises aimed at maintaining a good figure, doing jogging or yoga, playing squash. Escort girl spends 2-3 hours to prepare for a meeting with each client. She goes to a beauty salon, where she does makeup, manicure and hair. Then the escort girl picks up a dress suitable for the intended event: a beautiful dress for an ordinary dinner or a more candid outfit to go to a nightclub. Some clients invite girls to dance. Therefore, escort girls must have at least initial dance skills.

Girls who provide escort services should be able to do almost everything. Escort is famous for the versatility of the services offered. These girls have a lot of clothes in the wardrobe and a lot of jewelry that they pick up for each occasion. For example, if a client invited an escort girl to a social event, she is obliged to wear a chic dress that will complement his sexual fantasies.

Sometimes clients require girls to accompany them on business or weekend trips. Escort services include escorting customers for dinner, business conferences, parties and other events that can be organized by the client and his company. In such cases, the escort girl should look like a client girlfriend or his business partner.

Escort girls must always look attractive to make their client happy and contented. Each client is sure that the cost of escort corresponds to the market for this type of service in Tel Aviv. Undoubtedly, every client who came to Israel on vacation wants to know this country and the city from the inside. You do not have to buy guides and brochures to explore local attractions. A professional escort who will become a wonderful companion will help you learn the city from the inside.

What do escort girls offer to the clients?

Suppose, you do not want to be alone in the hotel in the evening. You came to the city to relax, have fun and now you are looking for entertainment. There are many websites in Tel Aviv that offer professional escort services. Escort girls will make your evening better, help you to relax and to get sexual pleasure. An evening with a gorgeous sexy girl will give you the most vivid and unforgettable impressions.

You did not come to Israel for a holiday. What will you do?

Suppose, you are in this country on a business trip. A clever and educated escort girl can accompany you to a business meeting or party, wherever you simply cannot come alone. Therefore, get rid of the problems and pitch-headed deals. Relax and enjoy being accompanied by a sexy priestess of love during your trip to one of the most fascinating places on the planet – Israel.

We tried to show the difference between escort girls and ordinary street prostitutes in the city of Tel Aviv. You can find phone numbers of the most beautiful girls on our website. Do not waste your time and money looking for street prostitutes who are incompetent in many cases. Since prostitutes provide sexual services only, they will not be able to accompany you to social events. If you want to have fun, not just sex, then choose real professionals in the business. Your friends, colleagues and business partners will appreciate your elegant and attractive companion.


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