VIP escort in Israel

Israel attracts many tourists because excellent conditions for rest are created here. Each guest will find that he likes. One love sea and beaches, others can address to the improving centers, the third – to visit the holy sites, the fourth – night clubs, etc. As you can see, tourism in this country is associated with different things.

However all the tourists are divided into different categories. There can be rich people preferring to use services of beautiful and educated girls among them. Therefore the VIP escort is extraordinary popular in Israel.

VIP escort in Israel

Many people consider that this service means intim. However this assumption isn’t true. It is possible to receive sex in any country brothels. There is a lot of them on the territory of this state. The elite escort assumes a complex of services in escort of the businessman. It is the service of the highest class meeting high requirements of the client. Therefore the VIP service is available only to wealthy men.

When is VIP escort required?

The escort maintenance can be required if there takes place:

  • Noisy party;
  • Private dinner;
  • Fascinating tour;
  • Strict secular reception;
  • Official banquet;
  • Carefree week-end in the countryside and so forth.

However what situation wouldn’t be, service has to be top-class that it gives most pleasures to the customer. That is why there are so high requirements to girls and prices for the client. However all list of services is specified in the agreement. The escort girl has to sign the contract (at the first address) with the agency and to serve the client according to it. Additional services are possible at mutual consent.

Types of VIP escort

There are 2 types of VIP escort:

  1. Local. The service assumes an exit with the client in secular society. The man needs to visit some action with the woman, but she is absent;
  2. Exit. Rest, most often, abroad is meant. The client wants to go to have a rest to some resort, but it is boring for one. Therefore he orders an escort. At such service the girl, while working, will at the same time have a rest.

Is the intim possible? It usually doesn’t enter terms of the contract, signed by the escort girl. Here all is especially individually. If the girl agrees, conditions are discussed with the client. However nobody has the right to force to have sex.

Otherwise the girl has the right, using the agency, to file the statement of claim, having specified that the client forced her to intim. Therefore this type of service is called “An escort maintenance”, and intim doesn’t enter here.

Requirements to the escort girl

The girls offering VIP escort in Israel have to:

  • Know several foreign languages;
  • Have the diploma about the higher education;
  • Understand communication psychology. Therefore graduates of humanitarian offices, in particular, psychologists and journalists are welcomed;
  • Have a broad outlook in order to keep up the conversation on different subjects.

And, of course, nobody cancelled attractive appearance and femininity.

Both parts receive profit.

What does a girl receive while working in Israel with an escort?

The young, beautiful and ambitious girl offering VIP escort in Israel can count on:

  • Good money. $10000 aren’t a limit. The agency creates the necessary conditions for earnings, and their size is determined by the girl;
  • Free operating schedule. It is possible to combine study with work or devote all free time to an escort;
  • Worthy living standards. Girls are provided with elite housing, get the round-the-clock support, organized leisure and decent earnings;
  • Useful acquaintances. All clients who have addressed for an escort are serious businessmen and treat of elite society. Acquaintances with them will allow the girl to become its part;
  • Pleasant impressions. Traveling around Israel, it is possible to combine work with active recreation.

If you are beautiful, formed, sociable, cheerful, you want to realize a dream, to be provided and to see the world, then leave the free questionnaire on our resource. The action lasts prior to the beginning of 2019.

  • Working with our agency, you:
  • Receive stable and high salary;
  • Will be an independent girl;
  • Will become self-assured;
  • Will be able to pay for study in university/rent of the apartment;
  • Will begin to build the future independently.

What does the client receive?

The attractive girl with a necessary set of knowledge will raise the status of the client. Being present at business negotiations, she will soften negotiation process, neutralizes opponents and allow the client to receive benefit at the conclusion of the transaction.

The agency will pick up suitable maintenance therefore the travel with an escort is more comfortable, more pleasant, and the program of a business trip – more various.

The beautiful girl will allow the customer to spend leisure-time brightly and most saturated. The form of rest can be any, for example:

  • Romantic evening;
  • Participation in an abrupt party;
  • Trip around the night city, etc.

It will allow the client to forget for a certain time about problems and to relax.

If you have an emotional hunger and it is necessary to satisfy thirst of communication, the companion will be required not for one evening. The nice girl will brighten up your loneliness, easy keep up the conversation. Who knows, maybe, she will become your constant companion.


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