Where is it possible to have a fuck in Israel?

The capital of sex industry of the small state located in the Near East is Tel Aviv. Therefore we recommend all tourists, who are going to this country and asking where it is possible to have sex in Israel, to visit this city. Nearly 80% of all pleasure institutions, rendering intim service on the territory of the state, are located in Tel Aviv. Announcements of providing sex are scattered on different streets.

fuck in Israel

It should be noted that Tel Aviv is considered to be the city of free customs. Surprisingly, but here adjoin:

  • Synagogues with gay clubs;
  • The Arabs dressed in hijabs with girls in short skirts;
  • Religious Haredi Jew and the couples, kissing directly on the street (an impression can be made that they just about undress and begin to have sex).

The main point of prostitutes in the city – the area Neva Shaanan. It is possible to remove cheap whores around bus station here (Takhana-merkazit) and on Ar-Tsion St., Lewinski. And from Amasger St. to Bin-Iyeguda the numerous pleasure institutions, scattered within 10 km from a beach zone, offer sex services. Almost every second “wishes” to have sex, to retire with the partner/partner and to spend certain time with pleasure.

For thrill-seekers there is the top of 5 “wild” places where it is possible to have sex in Israel, and in particular, in Tel Aviv. It is about sex on the street where you can not only be noticed, but also punished. At once we will tell that the maximum punishment can be imprisonment for a period of 1 year!

So, let’s go.


It is necessary to pass Chasovaya Square Nemal, and, without turning, to go along the sea. There will be many arbors, benches, but sex on a grass is recommended. Chances to see you will be less. Tourists aren’t dangerous, they will just pass by. Arabs can behave differently. And religious Jews, having seen sex on the street, will cause a mishtara (police of Israel) at once. In this case, you can say goodbye to freedom.

Also it is possible to go down to the sea, but there are huge stones and an uneven landscape. The risk to get into hospital increases. In Yaffo there is fine acoustics and always people walk. Therefore we advise you to close a mouth if you like to groan during sex. Plus – a beautiful view of the sea, pleasant feelings, minus – risk get to prison.


The big range of opportunities is available in the Ayarkon park. Many trees will be fine protection at sex standing. And if there are strangers, it is enough to straighten out a skirt and just to kiss. Even better – to go down to the river near which trees with curved trunks grow. They as though are specially created for intim. It is possible to disappear from public eyes by rather dense kroner. We will note, that here is also good acoustics and the ducks swimming in the small river can grunt at an inopportune moment.

Schoolyard of Singalovski

This place is situated on Derekh aTayasim Street, in the southern part of the city. There are small benches and chamber in the form of a letter “G”. Therefore you will be hidden from public eyes for 2 parties. There is a fountain let drinking bowl. Of course, it is better to take water with itself, but if you have forgotten, it is possible to use the fountain. On the contrary there is a park Wolfson. There you can have sex too, but the risk to be lit is too high.

Migdal ha Opera

This next place where it is possible to have intim in Israel and to receive a high, a charge of endorphines and feeling of freedom. You can bypass the building, come sideways in small street and derive pleasure. Inconveniences: pro-small street is narrow therefore it is possible only standing. The girl caves in, and the guy is behind. There are constant car traffic and pedestrians, but drive is unreal.

It is possible to get special feelings when you have sex with the partner against the background of the shining and noisy Tel Aviv whirlpool. And though it is noisy here, it is also not recommended to groan loudly during sex. Don’t forget to take the disinfector and napkins.

Erushalaim Street

It is already for absolutely freaky couples. At the small street there are a lot of gates/alleys therefore there will be a huge risk that you can be noticed. The street isn’t clean therefore it is worth choosing the place carefully. Besides, herethere are many Arabs it is also impossible to foresee their actions if they catch you having so juicy occupation.

Now fans of wild sex know where they can have sex in Israel. We recommend:

  • Take wet towel wipes;
  • Not forget about contraception;
  • Use convenient clothes;
  • To be emotionally stable. The fright at emergence of strangers or sounds can lead to a situation “we have grown together with fins”. Then you’ll call “Ambulance”;
  • Practice in the evening to minimize risk of a meeting with local police.

Write in comments what other places in Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities you know for wild sex. Perhaps, among our readers there are such fans and they learn about existence of such places in the Israeli cities with great pleasure.


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