Work as an independent in Israel

Are you young, charming, and you want to live, not to be refusing? Finding a decent job for a girl now is difficult-the number of vacancies is clearly less than the number of applicants. And to work more often it is necessary for dime salary which suffices only on all necessary.

Work as an independent in Israel

You have to forget about the beautiful life – the sea, shops, restaurants and charming men remain somewhere there, in numerous films and on the pages of glossy magazines. Did you dream of such a life?

However, everything can be different!

Just imagine: living in a resort in excellent apartments, chatting with wealthy attractive men, having fun … And at the same time earning an average of $ 500-700 a day!

At the same time there is no upper limit – it all depends on you! Think it’s impossible?

Independent work in Israel realizes all your dreams!

Features of work in the escort in Israel

Many agencies offer this kind of work. However, do not agree to every offer. Most likely, you will work for a small percentage, and doing your best and regularly taking risks.

Why do you need it? If there is a real alternative – register your profile on and earn while enjoying it!

Our advantages:

The high level of income of each girl. You regulate your own employment and communicate with men – if you don’t like someone, just refuse to meet!

Comfortable apartments in the best resort cities of Israel. Spend free time on the beach? Or go to the best restaurants? Or maybe spend your money in stores that you had never dreamed of? Now this is not a plot from a fairy tale about modern Cinderella – but your real life!

Full security. All our clients are solid and proven men who value their reputation. Therefore, you will receive not only attention, but also your respect and admiration. Who can guarantee this in ordinary life?

The opportunity to express themselves. You will see Israel through the eyes of wealthy men. Secular receptions, business meetings, cultural events … Now you will get everything you dreamed of for so long!

Time for self-development. Tell me honestly, when did you have time to read a book or watch a new film? The constant search for money is exhausting. Free time for yourself!

An individual job in Israel cannot be considered a job in the full sense of the word. No more office and picky boss. Only fun, adoration of men, drive sex and high earnings!

You will finally free up time for self-care and entertainment, you will receive everything that you have refused in yourself! For this you just need to add a questionnaire – and we will contact you!

An individual job in Israel is right for you!

Perhaps you doubt whether you are suitable for such a life! We are sure that everyone can realize themselves in the escort of Israel! We are waiting for your profile if you:

Attractive relaxed girl from 18 to 30 years;

You like to communicate with men and feel free to show yourself in the best light;

You know how to give and have fun;

Ready to change your life and take the best from her;

You are not afraid of cardinal changes and you want to move to the sea coast!

You don’t have to look like a model to be successful with men! Well-groomed appearance, fervent fire in the eyes – and now the best men of Israel are ready to throw everything at your feet. So what are you waiting for? date you the opportunity to turn a dull and gray survival into a bright and colorful life! Men, the sea, clubs and shops are waiting for you in Israel – you just need to add a profile!


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