Work for girls in Israel

Fantastic salary for one month in Israel

Work for girls in Israel, is a stable way to earn a lot of money without making difficult actions. And wages in different sectors of the economy, depending on the prestige of working here, as in all countries vary. But we can say that even if the girl suddenly decides to get a nurse in the clinic, she will learn from this benefit in the form of large financial opportunities.

Work for girls in Israel

If we are talking about escort services, there are great prospects. Only one salary of a girl working in this field will be equal to the money that the same girl can earn in Russia for 10 years, long and painful work. Israeli men love the beauty and attractiveness of the girls, so for escort services, then pay a lot of money. So, let’s go through the professions in which the work for girls on the “promised land” will be interesting.

Work in the field of trade

A good area, if suddenly the external parameters of the girl did not fit into the modeling and escort business. Everyone needs sellers. Russian illegal immigrants working in the field of trade are very popular in large chain stores. There, positions of the seller or the cashier, are steadily paid. A positive aspect in this work will be the fact that many companies for working people in the night shift provide night transportation, even in the suburbs of large cities. On average, the Israeli seller receives a salary equivalent to $ 2,000 per month. This is a good start in this area. If the girl is lucky, she will show herself as a good specialist and reach the position of administrator, the salary of 3000-3500 dollars is guaranteed. To get such a salary, you must have the citizenship of the country. Work for girls in Israel, for non-local, in high positions will be very difficult to get.

Escort services

If the girl has an attractive appearance, and she is very beautiful, then in this case it will be possible to work in the escort sphere. This profession is not limited to sex. Sex in this area of work is provided separately, according to the agreed rules in the contract. During the escort services, the girls meet with financially secure men. Often they order girls in order that they were personal accompaniment, friends at social events or business meetings. Being in the field of escort services, you can see the world, swim on yachts and learn the culture of the world. Remember, in this profession is not always all bed ends. It is necessary to have at least some communication skills and artistry. All this activity is quite well paid. The average salary of a beautiful girl working in an escort ranges from $ 8,000 to $ 12,000. It’s only an official salary. Also rich and wealthy men give women, gifts. And if everything is transferred to the money, the salary of an escort will be equal to the amount exceeding 12 000 dollars. Work for girls in Israel, of this kind, may involve a citizenship.


Work for barkers. But the girl, getting such a job, will not work in some “eatery”. If a girl has a model appearance, and its shape is very attractive, any respectable restaurant, large Israeli cities, will be able to pay attention to the girl. Work for girls in Israel, the direction of the hostess, involves attracting guests and Seating them at a table. A symbolic SIP of wine, and a sample of a small snack, should give impetus to the client, who is sent from the hostess, to stay in the restaurant. If the hostess managed to persuade the guest to stay in the institution, then she successfully attracted the client. From the girl, at such work, as well as in escort services it is necessary to have sociability and responsibility. The average salary earned by girls in this area is on average between $ 5,000 and $ 7,000. Together with the tip, it will be a good opportunity to bring your own salary and up to 8000-9000 dollars.

So, again, why women should work in Israel?

All that is given above, related to work in Israel is not fiction. Such salaries are earned in Israel every day, ordinary residents. The positive aspects of working abroad, including in this state, that even with the transfers and postponement of funds, the seller in his low position, will be in the black. We have specifically considered all the offers to work in Israel for ladies from different sides. It is impossible to earn such money in Russia or other CIS countries. Working in Israel, attracts, for the benefits of girls from all over the world. There is always a possibility, if everything suits in this country to stay forever. Girls get citizenship here, it will be easier to get married. Of all the above professions, the only way to obtain citizenship in Israel — is to go to the escort. It’s not dangerous, it’s even quite interesting. Sexual relations only under the contract, without any violations, or other unethical hints.


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